Blocto Swap APP / Web

Designing APP/Web interfaces to enhance user experience with a focus on security for multiple transactions.


Experience streamlined currency exchange with Blocto Swap, minimizing complicated steps and ensuring top-notch security. As designers committed to enhancing user experience, now integrated with BatchTX functionality for a more engaging and efficient use case.

Role /

Sr. Product Designer

Team /

1 Product Designer
1 Product Manager
3 Devs
1 QA

Year /



Boost user participation
Attract DeFi users by offering a convenient, secure and cost-effective way to execute ERC-20 approval & swap operations. By integrating BatchTX-Send Later, we aim to give users a faster transaction experience while cutting down on those pesky fees.

Pain points

Our Native Swap App now includes a Multiswap feature, designed to securely address users’ needs for multiple currency exchanges while significantly reducing complex steps. This enhancement focuses on user convenience and safety in managing diverse currency transactions.

Competitive Product Research

User Flow

Collaborating closely with the Product Manager to discuss and refine details.

Swap APP

The Native Swap App requires the integration of a Multiswap feature to securely cater to users’ multiple currency exchange needs, while also simplifying the process and reducing cumbersome steps.

Support Multiswap

As a Blocto wallet user, I want to be able to execute 1-to-1, 1-to-many, and many-to-1 token swaps on a single chain, so I have more flexibility.

Swap Web

Support custom listing token on swap pair & liquidity pool. Simply the token listing process and shorten the manually parts.


The Swap includes a multi-exchange feature, securely catering to users’ needs for multiple currency exchanges while significantly reducing complex steps as a key design focus. I closely collaborate with the team, from competitive analysis to user flow and wireframe cooperation, to find the best solution.