Blocto Wallet Web

Creating a good onboarding experience, I took over the UI revamp, social login, switch account functionalities, etc., to perfect Blocto Web.


Blocto Web requires a UI revamp, along with a reevaluation of the onboarding experience. Additionally, new features such as Social Login, Switch Account, and ERC-4337 will be added.

Role /

Sr. Product Designer

Team /

1 Product Designer
1 Product Manager
3 Devs
1 QA

Year /



Enhance developers’ adoption of our SDK by offering a convenient and secure onboarding experience, enabling users to smoothly register and log in, and utilize multi-account functionality.

Pain points

How to create a good user experience by reevaluating the onboarding process, enabling users to quickly and conveniently register and log in, and smoothly switch between multiple accounts.

Onboarding Flow

Replanning the Onboarding Experience to allow users to register and log in securely and with quick convenience.

Social login Flow

Make user sign up / sign in more easily.

Switch Account

Allow users to manage multiple accounts and switch between them. Provide a seamless experience when users switch accounts and chains.


The goal is to develop Blocto Web into a platform with a great onboarding experience. I work with the team to discuss product strategy and analysis and to plan and iterate on features. Throughout this process, the engineers provide extensive feedback, from which I gather various opinions to inform the design.